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    FDD vinyl insulated female terminal

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    The products adopts the material which can raise the dependability of electric connection, the security,beautiful quality,can meet the needs of technology and forming a complete set of modern industry. It enjoys the favorable comment unanimously from more than 80 key cities . And all of these terminals reach the international level electrically for the electric connecting trade of our country.

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    FDD vinyl insulated female terminal



    FDD vinyl insulated female terminal

    1.Insulation :  PVC

    2.Terminal : 99.7% pure copper or brass

    3.Plating : Tinned

    4.Application : Wire connection

    5.Special : Free sample

    6.Certificates : Reached RoHS /SGS /CE /ISO9001

    7.Color : Red /Blue /Yellow

    8.HS code : 8536909000

    9.Connection mode : European

    10.Cable size : 0.5-1.5 / 1.5-2.5 /2.5-4/ 4-6mm2

    11.Attribute : High conductivity,heavy current

    12.A.W.G.(USA standard) : 22-16 / 16-14 / 14-12/12-10

    13.Country of origin : Liushi industrial,Wenzhou,China(mainland)

    FDD vinyl insulated female terminal

    1.wire connection


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