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Use direction of SST-S Solder Sleeve Splices

Maikasen Brand,as a manufacturer of electrical accessories, terminal,cable lug,copper ferrule,wire connector,cable tie,join,crimping tool,cable gland,heat shrink tube.etc.

SolderSleeve splices is a one-piece designed connector, which with the character of easy installation,good insulation, and absolute waterproof having been widely used in industrial and home area. As a salesman for this field for more than 10years from MAIKASEN, I would like to introduce the install steps as below:

1. Peel the two ends of wires in a solder splice length .

2. Joint the two ends of Wires and make sure they are connecting enough.

3. Move the connector slowly towards the peeled part. Make sure the solder splice is exactly covered on the exposing area.

4. Heat the soldersleeve started from one side with the heat gun,and slowly move to the other side until it shrinking enough but not overheated.

5. The complete the solder sleeve splices will look like as below photo.

Totally the innstructions is : Make wires inserted into the terminal, heating with a heat gun, make sure the wires are soldered by the connector, and it will protect wire as a whole new wire, not loosen prematurely.


If there is anything unclear or you need more information, you could contact us directly. www.maikasen.com

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