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We're in the exhibition of 2016 China E-Power


China E-Power 2016 concluded successfully in Shanghai on 26 May.Exhibits presented covered all aspects of the power industry chain, including electric power, smart grid, wind power, distributed energy and energy storage, power and generating sets.

Maikasen Brand,as a manufacturer of electrical accessories, terminal,cable lug,copper ferrule,wire connector,cable tie,join,crimping tool,cable gland,heat shrink tube.etc.was honor to be a participator. In the exhibition, we showed to visitor our featured product.According to their demand,recommended to them the suitable products.Explain to visitor about the information,details and matters need attentions.We strengthened our previous business relationship as well as open some new relationship with visitors. Meantime, we developed some new markets from that too.In order to offer a better service and upgrade product structure.we also learned from advanced companies in the exhibitions.


Our company successfully finished this trip of exhibition and also learned a lot.We will continue make a great efforts to develop our brand.


---Yueqing Kaisen electric technology Co.,Ltd


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