• Happy new year 2019!


  • Maikasen Funtime-20210114

    Now it is Maikasen FuntimeShare two a jokes One day, a sparrow said to the pigeon: "Do you dare to beat the eagle?""Of course I dare" said the pigeon and flew away. After a wh

    2021/01/19 jim

  • Australia connector

    Australia connector launch New product-Australia single&double screw connector. Any question.inquire us anytime ks@maikasen.com

    2021/01/14 jim

  • MINI EUROPEAN STYLE CRIMPING PLIER SN-48B for Non-insulated tabs and receptacles

    MINI EUROPEAN STYLE CRIMPING PLIER SN-48B for Non-insulated tabs and receptaclesCrimping range:0.5-2.5mm2(22-14AWG)

    2020/12/31 肖学洁

  • The swimmer

    The teacher told the class the story of a man who swam a river three times before breakfast, Johnny laughed"do you doubt that a good swimmer could do that?" asked the teacher, &quo

    2020/12/31 肖学洁

  • Maikasen Funtime-20201230

    Now it is Maikaisen Funtime.share two jokes.1student make mistake in school.teacher ask his parents to come to school.student said:“my parents is not in home,can i let my uncle come instead of my pare

    2020/12/30 jim

  • Cirmping plier for big size ferrule terminal

    Our model HS-50WF can crimp 10mm2 16mm2 25mm2 35mm2 50mm2 ferrule terminal.Any interests.please inquire me anytime. ks@maikasen.com

    2020/12/30 jim

  • Stainless steel cable gland

    Supply stainless steel cable gland with good quality.And we can also supply brass and other cable glandAny request.inquire me anytimeks@maikasen.com 

    2020/11/30 jim

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